19 Phone Photoshoots to do While

Stuck at home!

So its been about 2 months since this Stay At Home order has gotten us all bored and without being able to stay fresh on social Media! 

Well thats all over, Chi Babes is here to help and get your creativity juices flowing! 

Before you start this awesome photography challenge,concept or whatever you want to call it, be sure to own it and get creative! Don't let any insecurities or self-doubt stop you from posting or uploading any pictures online, you got this!







You can also get yourself a phone tripod or a wireless bluetooth camera trigger to step up your phone photography game! check the link.


If all fails you can make your own Tripod using a Plastic Party Cup!



1. COFFEE MUG-litteraly grab any coffee mug from your kitchen and start shooting selfies while holding your mug, get creative on the floor, on a sofa, on your bed, or on a carpet. Make sure you don't actually have actual coffee in it. Remember its your prop!

2-WINDOW CURTAINS SHADOWS- Find the best part of your house that enters the most sun. The best time to shoot this concept will be either 7am-9am or 6pm-7pm central time. This creates the best shadows coming through your window and making amazing shadow pictures.

3. Sheer fabric Pattern Shadows- While still using the best sun light from your room, you can also get a bit more creative and throw in some sheer fabric material. This will help create great shapes and shadows over your body or face.

4. PLANT SHADOWS. For this concept, if you have any plants around they will also make a great shadow shapes for your photoshoot! Make sure your mom won't kill you if brake a leaf or 2. 

5-Plants scenery Shoot. Since we already made plants our prop, let's bring more to the scenery. You can set them near a white wall, or a corner wall. Get creative! the more the better!

6- lazy Couch Shoot- Yups as lazy as you can be, you can also get you some nice creative images. Use every single corner of that couch and make it the best prop ever! sit down, lay down, turn upside down, lay your feet up, anything goes.

7- Bed Photoshoot- Simple as being in your bed! turn your bed into the dopes studio ever! This is ideal if you have an all white sheet set. But don't be afraid to give it a shot if you don't. For a better look If you have a window near by shoot between 7am-9pm or 6pm-7pm. to get the best light exposure. 

8-Bath Photoshoot- Go a head and also bring yourself a glass of wine to try to get all them shoots right. Your Bathroom can get all the best shoots you need for your instagram. Have a bubble bath shoot, white robe shoot, or simply a mirror shoot. Bring candles, flowers in it. Again get creative! Don't Drop your phone in your bubble bath! 

9.Kitchen Photoshoot- So we are moving into the Kitchen. Yes you can take photos eating because why not? Use your cabinets for patterns and composition. Take pictures close to the sink, opening the oven, sitting at your kitchen table, close to a window. etc. every corner is a good concept!

10. Fridge light - So after you made a mess on your kitchen lets move into the main appliance of the room, the Fridge!!!!. For this concept, is better to shoot it at night with the lights off. The Fridge creates a really cool white led light for the most part. Eat a snack while you're at it. Set your camera away as possible so we can see the whole fridge. You can also set your phone literally inside the Fridge and shoot from with in it out. See how your face lights up and look like when you are trying to get a snack in the middle of the night! 

11. Pizza Lover Shoot- Because nothing gets better with pizza around! If you haven't ever done a shoot with pizza than you don't know what art is! Yes order yourself a whole pizza and get creative. Best way to eat pizza is in bed while you take your phone out and get to shooting, never the less your living room works as well or anywhere in the house because pizza rocks!

12. News Paper, Magazines or Foil Paper- So perhaps you want to get more crafty, well you can definitely can. You will need either old magazines, news paper or Foil Paper oh and plenty of tape. This concept does require a bit more work but the results will be worth it. Try to cover a corner or a wall of your house about 4ft tall and 4ft long...that will give you enough space to shoot seating down. With the Foil Paper you can try shooting with the flash on so it can make a light reflexion.

13.Laundry Room. Yes we are covering most of the spots of the house! The laundry room holds a special place for alot of photographers and now is your time to go ham on it! get inside a dryer, on top of it, next to it! a good black and white pictures would make this phone set interesting!

14.Working out. Even if you don't actually work out lets pretend you do. This scenery is always a good way to get some great pictures for others to see. Get some basic working out equipment and shoot away! If you're a gym rat than this will be a fun time to enjoy showing off your physique. 

15. Stairs. Posing sitting down in a set of stairs just stands out of the ordinary, giving you that New York Porch look. It brings a good pattern repetittion and a good look to your composition. 

16. Chips, bottle water shoot.  Anything goes and if you are good with angles or good perspective points than this one is super creative. Open the opposite side of each item, create a depth of field and bam you got yourself the perfect instagram wannabe influencer picture ever!

17. TV/ COMPUTER BACKDROP.  This is a fun and easy concept to shoot! Get any cool backdrop or neon color patterns saved into your TV or Computer Wall Paper. Always shoot on an angle or close to your face. Add some shades in and enjoy the results!

18. Window Reflection- No filters needed! yes this cool concept adds a really cool filter style to every picture! When you take this type of pictures make sure you can focus on the subject inside the window and make the reflection around it be sorta like a filter. Find any window in your house or even the window of your parked car. Have fun!

19. Mood Collage .  Show everyone the type of bored your actually are while in different looks! Did your curbe-side pick up just arrived? let us see that happy Mood! This always a cheesy, geeky set to have!

 So you decided to give it a try to one of our phone concepts, now what???

Well we got you all covered! lets get to the magic editing process!

Because there are lots of photo editing apps out there we wanted to also give you our top 3 Editing Phone Apps.



3. Inshot

Have a Great time creating, and lets get your social media popping! Tag us on your next Stock at home Photoshoot @chibabes312!!!!