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Chi Babes 2020 Program Intro.

Welcome to Chi Babes!

Chi Babes is a Platform Team Lifestyle Promotional Media & Image developing Marketing Brand. We help potential female individuals & influencers to take their image to the next level and be apart of promotional events.

HOW: We focus on providing an easy transition from freelance modeling to generating potential working leads and being more engage in social media presence.

We provide you with constant photoshoots & videos 

promotional gigs, best of all self empowerment & team Player attitude. 

Type of Events: Car Shows, Boxing Ring Girls, Promotions, Music Videos, Boutiques, Brands, Commercials, Night Club Hosting & More.


Who are We looking For?

We are looking for individuals that are team players that can represent our brand to the fullest & feel proud of working with us. We are a team and 100% of making things happen is via a strong committed & reliable team. You most be willing to report potential leads to our hub and grow as a team. Be able to bring your own ideas to the table and be creative.Trust our Vision grow!



1.Model Roster:

One way to work with us is being apart of our model roster. We want to add you to our network and get our clients to pick to work with You.

You can work on your own & represent yourself. Be involve in other projects, Photoshoots etc.


We won’t promote you as much. Events gigs will be per contract, per event. A contract will guarantee that you will arrive on time and you will show up. Also any leads from our event will be directed to us.  



This way of working with us will involve having you 100% in full effect with our brand. We will work on a 1 on 1 basis. We will make sure you'll get the best of our creative team, be one of the first ones to get booked to work our events.

We will create a business plan that fit your image and get where you want to get in the time frame we work together. We will look for leads that fit your look and style.You will have constant content to put in your social media. shoot with several of our working photographers.

No money needed just willing to get train, be a team Player & have a hustle mentality. There is a Seasonal contract 6-8 months. We will give you a 1 month trial to see how this might work for you and how you develop. 



This is for someone that is already a bit more establish and is looking for constant content for their own image. We want to help you grow and get things done faster.


We will get you the best videos, pictures or related events that might fit your image. This will be done at an affordable rate that we are both comfortable to work with.


This can involve making a business plan for yourself , get exactly the pictures or videos you are looking for, help you in your own events, help promote anything you are involve. This might also be perfect for someone that runs a onlyfans account and need fresh content constantly.




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